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Oxford today


Oxford attracts nearly 7 million visitors a year, the majority of which are daytime domestic trips.

The newly opened Westgate shopping centre will increase these numbers, since it provides space for 125 shops, restaurants and cafes as well as leisure venues such as a boutique cinema.

There are a large number of spaces, and Oxford’s South Park hosts events ranging from music festivals (such as Common People) to food fairs (the Oxford Foodies Festival).

With regard to sport, Oxford University alumni have won 158 Olympic medals, and the first ever rugby club was founded here.

What we might we see in 2050

You are likely to have much more free time with robots doing a lot of low value jobs around the house like cleaning and ironing.

How you interact with the arts may change and will be able to walk around virtual museums and art galleries.

You may ski in the summer in a dome with a controlled climate.

Our Vision Statement options

  • We have access to a wide range of affordable high quality leisure facilities
  • Oxford is a 24 hour city>
  • Our city is a world class tourist destination that successfully manages the impact of its high visitor numbers
  • Our many annual events – some like May Day Morning steeped in history – bring us all together as a community
  • We enjoy excellent museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and music venues that reflect our diverse cultural interests
  • Oxford is a centre for literature and the visual and performing arts and an inspiration for both
  • Oxford boasts excellent sporting venues and facilities for grass roots and professional sports activities
  • We are a healthy city that supports and encourages active lifestyles across every age group
  • We are a highly diverse city where people enjoys sharing a variety of different cultural experiences
  • Our city boasts a unique, innovative and diverse retail offer