Emmy O’Shaughnessy, Director of Ark T Centre

In 2050, the diversity of cultural leaders and decision makers will have transformed the arts and cultural offer through reflecting a healthy and just balance of race, class, disability, and gender at the top.

Communities will have more access to spaces for art and culture making, generously given by Oxford University, where they can produce their own artistic visions which address their needs and catalyse their hopes for a brighter future.

People who currently have the least amount of voice and visibility in the mainstream music industry, or as exhibiting artists, or as main characters on page or stage will now be seen and championed more regularly, dismantling the ableist, ageist, heteronormative, patriarchal and white-washed cultural norms.

The Cultural Education Partnership will have flourished to the point where every primary and secondary school will have been supported to place arts and creativity at the heart of their school. Transformative relationships between schools and Oxford arts and cultural organisations will create more support for teachers and more engagement for artists. Most importantly, it will have significantly reduced the mental health crises facing children and young people today.

By 2050, It will be compulsory that every young person in Oxford will be supported to learn a musical instrument, go to the theatre, access the library, visit exhibitions and gigs and more. Young people in Oxford,as a result, will be equipped with the creativity, resilience and problem-solving skills needed to address and overcome the environmental and global challenges of 2050 and beyond.

Oxford will lead on this system change and will attract people from all over the world to learn from us in how to create a truly intersectional cultural and artistic offer.

Oxford in 2050 will see artists with more power and influence to effect positive change, working innovatively in unexpected collaborations with scientists, educators and entrepreneurs to address complex social and environmental issues.

There will be more unity between the political, educational and cultural spheres in Oxford. Our voices and vision will be joined, amplified and stronger for it.

This will be an Oxford I will be proud to help shape.