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Oxford today


Oxford today is a young and multi-cultural community. The city has the youngest median age (29.9 years) of anywhere in England and Wales, and over a third of citizens are not from white British backgrounds.

However, although 78 per cent of Oxford adults are physically active – the highest rate in England – and smoking rates (at 11 per cent) are lower than the national average, Oxford has stark inequality and two areas of the city are amongst the 10 per cent most deprived in England. Men in the most deprived area of Oxford die, on average, 9.3 years younger than those living in the least deprived area.

With life average life expectancy set to increase to as much as 91 for women and 89 for men, we will almost certainly have an older population in 2050.

What we might we see in 2050

If current trends continue, average life expectancy is set to increase to as much as 91 for women and 89 for men, and Oxford’s population could increase to around 190,000 people.

You could be wearing clothes that cool or heat you up according to the weather or clothes that could even make you stronger.

Prosthetics will be so advanced that some people will be fully comfortable with technology merging with their body, so people could choose to get cybernetic implants in their legs to make them stronger.

Sensors will have been developed that will monitor your body and you may use this to improve your health.

A 3D printer at home may print out your prescription pill.

You could be eating different food, insects for dinner perhaps?

You may also spend a lot of time in virtual reality and have an extended network of virtual friends that you never meet in person.

Our vision statement options

  • Each and every one of us has our physical and mental health and wellbeing needs fully met
  • Accountable and responsive institutions strengthen our community and fully serve its needs
  • The fabric of our community is strong with a sense of togetherness where people look out for each other
  • We live in a safe city where everyone feels free to walk anywhere at any time of day or night
  • Our city is renowned for its tolerance, inclusion, diversity and compassion
  • We use our influence for better in the wider world
  • Oxford is a genuinely happy city where people take pleasure in life together
  • We have strong and supportive local community, voluntary and charity organisations
  • We have credible and respected community, civic, business and other leaders
  • Oxford is a welcoming city to all that come to visit or live here