The Oxford2050 vision has five broad themes:

Work and learning

  • Oxford will have full employment,
  • The city will be a global centre for the knowledge-based economy,
  • All Oxford residents will benefit from the economy

People and communities

  • People will be able to live fulfilled, happy and healthy lives
  • Oxford’s diverse communities will have a strong sense of togetherness
  • Deprivation and inequality will have been reduced across Oxford

Built and natural environment

  • The city’s heritage and natural environmental will be protected
  • Oxford will be an affordable place to live
  • Oxford will be a clean and accessible city

Transport and connectivity

  • Oxford will be better connected to the region and nationally
  • People will be able to move around the city easily in non-polluting way
  • Streets will prioritise pedestrians and cyclists

Culture and leisure

  • Oxford will have world-class cultural and leisure facilities
  • The cultural and leisure offer will reflect the city’s diverse communities
  • Oxford’s public realm will encourage active lifestyles