Work and Learning

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Oxford today

writing-learningOxford is home to Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford, which is ranked as the best in the world.

In the city today there are nearly 43,000 students – around of a quarter of the resident population is a full-time undergraduate or post-graduate student.

Employment in Oxford is higher than the national average at 68%; there are 122,000 jobs in Oxford, which means that there are more jobs than working-age residents.

Oxford is also the city with the highest percentage of knowledge-intensive activities (71%).

What we might see in 2050

We are likely to be working in a very different way than today.

The increased use of robots and artificial intelligence will mean that some jobs may disappear entirely and other new ones appear.

Some people believe that unemployment will increase due to automation but others think new business based on new technologies will create new jobs to replace the old.

Paper money will likely have disappeared.

We may be working in virtual offices and appear as holograms to our co-workers.

It is likely that we have to continuously learn in order to keep up with the changing world of work.

The way we learn will have changed as well as the institutions of learning.

We may have implants in our brains that help us learn quicker and better.

Our vision statement options

  • Our city is a global centre for research, education and health
  • Our city both supports and provides the freedom for people to set up and grow business and social enterprises
  • Our schools are among the best in the country and its universities are the best in the world
  • Our city is a global centre for knowledge-based economy and innovation that rivals Silicon Valley and can attract the world’s top talent
  • Each and every one of us is provided lifelong learning opportunities to equip us with transferable skills for employment and realise our career aspirations
  • Oxford attracts the world’s top talent to its universities and businesses
  • The benefits of our economic success are shared by all residents
  • Oxford provides full employment and fair pay for local people
  • Flexible working and new technologies have had a positive impact on our quality of life
  • Oxford has maximised its potential in high tech and low carbon to become an attractive place to invest